attendre ici s'il vous plaît

The authorities tell me how urgent everything is, yet once I get here I'm told to wait.

I am to be escorted to the site tomorrow.  Apparently blindfolded (not sure I'm kidding).  In the mean time I am told to wait.  Normally, that would have me fuming, but I could get used to this place.  The waiting room with the best view in the world.

Abbaye de Montmajour

Not even halfway to my destination, and I'm wishing my gear hadn't been shipped ahead.

Just look at these graves, hewn from solid rock.  And these are the ones they know about.  A little remote sensing could answer many questions.

And the prehistoric cave under this ridge has yet to be fully explored.  Temptation!


Saint-Trophime Cloister, Arles.

That was a packed few days with the director of antiquities.

And now, even with a few days off , I seem to seek out the macabre. Well, except for the last one! 

Tomorrow, the drive up to the Languedoc.  Unfortunately, the terms of this gig will prevent me from posting specifics locations.  Probably won't be online anyway.  But I'll see what I can do...

Les Alyscamps

Just time to tour early Christian symbols along the Allee des Sarcophages. 

Must brush up on my French.  Ensuite, rendez-vous au Musée départemental Arles antique

The next Adventure.